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made in nevada



It's hard to forget them when they gave
you so much to remember.
6x8 glass in LED lit base.

Suncatcher/Ornament with your best buddy's picture etched.

A memorial piece for Kraft's partner
after years of working together as a

Mandy was a member of their family for 25 years. This piece was a gift from the husband to his wife.

This little pygmy goat is named Ziva. She was born in Gardnerville, Nevada

Pay tribute to a loyal pet and companion with an etched photo suncatcher/ornament.

A Great Picture! This young man has been one of our favorites to etch each Christmas. A boy and his dog....

Minnitte owned "Bracco Italiano Pointer" of Gerlach, Nevada featured on this teardrop bevel ornament.

Zak was a loyal member of the Washoe County Sheriff's K-9 unit for 10 years. His photograph was etched and gold color filled on black mirror.

Rosie's image on an ornament was a gift to her owner during the Holidays.

"Best Hunting Buddies" desktop bevel keeps a cherished pet's memory nearby.

Shasta and Sammie are featured on this suncatcher/ornament. Etched from two photos e-mailed to us.


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