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made in nevada



Territorial Seal of Nevada etched on transom window in the Secretary of State's office located in the Capitol Building
Carson City, Nevada.

A photograph was provided of the view from Virginia City looking East toward Sugarloaf Mountain. It has been etched on this 17"x38" door glass and will be installed in the Jensen home.

Reverse etched
transom window for
the "Embassy House"
in Virginia City, NV.
Now owned and lovingly
maintained by
Carol Gipe-Allison
& Larry Allison.

Transom window for
The B Street House
Bed & Breakfast
Etched to match
the existing transoms,
original to the house,
from the 1800's.

A Pantry/Wine Cellar door reverse etched on tempered glass. Once the wood is stained to match the kitchen cupboards a burgundy color curtain will be added behind the glass.

A Glue Chip technique was used when creating this window for the "Kahabka Victorian", one of Virginia City's older homes.

A transom glass etched for one of the best "Eateries" in Virginia City. Where the locals go for down to earth atmosphere friendly faces and homestyle cooking.
Call them 775 847-4441

Three etched glass panels now installed as room dividers in the home of Stan and Bonnie Johnson of Carson City, Nevada

The Meder House in Carson City, Nevada
(See next photo for door panels)

Two glass door panels with background frosted leaving the Victorian design clear.

A 36" Nevada State Seal etched on a tempered glass window 60" X 70". Now installed in the reception area of the Secretary of State's Office in the Capitol building.

This window was done for 1 of 2 cabins in Virginia City. The etching is of a "Prospector" in keeping with the mining theme of the towns history.


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