Wine Bottles
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made in nevada



This elegantly restored 1876 Victorian Mansion,now a Bed & Breakfast, is located behind Piper's Opera House in Virginia City.

22 inch wine bottle etched to commemorate a 25th anniversary.
Color fill is silver.

Wine set auctioned during the 2008 4th of July, "David John and the Comstock Cowboys 2nd Amendment Celebration Concert" in Virginia City.

A fitting retirement gift presented to a distinguished 40 year veteran of the Nevada Air National Guard

Etched with words to the song played when the bride walked down the aisle. The simple acorn and oak leaf design was added as they were married under a 100 year old oak tree. A nice touch for a very special toast on their 10th anniversary!

Wine Bottles, 22 inches
tall, to be used in the
decor during wine tasting
events at the
"Churchill Vineyards"
of Fallon, Nevada.
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This bottle was etched and color-filled for a local TV station.

A Logo can be etched as in this promo bottle for "My Country" Radio Station 1300 AM

This set was auctioned during the Comstock Cowboy's 4th of July Concert in Virginia City.

A "Birthday Bottle" from Father to Son.

A "Double Wine Bottle and Glass Basket" made to help celebrate a long lasting friendship.

This design was created as a "Thank You" for a dance teacher and her husband, a piano player.


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