Photographs Etched In Glass
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made in nevada



The Cobb Mansion along with the owner's 1926 Cadillac has been etched on stemware to be used by their guests. Visit their website

A mother provided us with her son's baby picture to be etched on a decanter as a gift for his 50th birthday. (See next photo for other side)

Etched on the back side of the decanter is one of the Mother's favorite quotes.

This glass piece was a special order gift for a much appreciated employee of the Historic Fourth Ward School in Virginia City. It will be used as a cookie jar.

Comstock Cowboys wine glasses available by emailing Dien at

Josie was 10 weeks old when we took this picture. Her date of birth and full name as well as her picture have been etched into a 5x7 curved glass bevel. (You can e-mail your photo to us)

A Diploma featuring the Storey County Courthouse etched on back and text etched on front with gold fill.

This photo was sent to us in an e-mail to be used in a project. See next image for the results.

This is Molly, a Bernese Mountain Dog. Her etching will be edge-lit with LED's when framed.


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