Gift Items
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made in nevada



Personalized Gift reversed carved in
glass on base. With photo of the
Graduate included.

This special order gift has the logo custom etched. The decanter and two glass set was then placed in a velvet lined presentation box. To learn more about the "Institute for American Musical Theatre" in New York City visit the website
"Dreams Begin Here"

Team photo custom etched on glass and placed in a lighted base. A very special gift for a well respected coach. "GO ARMY!"

Velvet lined presentation box with bottle etching of David John & The Comstock Cowboys auctioned at the 2nd Amendment Celebration in Virginia City.

Client supplied decanter custom etched for presentation in appreciation of job well done.

A very special order for two very special people. This custom etched crystal vase was a gift from their 4-H Family...

Wine bottle and 2 glass set in a velvet lined presentation box. This set has been custom etched with the 2015 Legislative artwork and personalized for Speaker Hambrick.

Mackay Mansion photo etched on globe then outer area frosted for softer lighting effect on this antique railroad lantern. For wedding information go to

Available at the St.Mary's Church gift shop. A 4oz. etched bottle containing Holy Water. A memento to have from Weddings, Communions and other special occasions. Call them at (775)847-9099

This etching was done on black glass and color filled gold. It features a home where many happy memories were made and was given as a 90th Birthday present.
We were told it was her favorite gift.

Frame made from ring of a 5 gallon drum. The "feet" cut from track once used for ore cars in a Virginia City mine. Young people featured have roots going back several generations on the Comstock.

A gift for the graduate...featuring etched photograph along with school name, mascot and year.


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