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made in nevada



Etched spice cabinet door glass to be installed in the McDaniels home in Reno, Nevada.

Nevada State Seal etched on a 24 inch circle. The frame is made from a metal barrel ring held together at the top with a railroad spike. Ore car railing has been cut to make the "feet"
The glass has been edge lit using LED's and is controlled with a remote.

A table top etched with photos of three generations of the Gallagher family "Hughs"...Also shows the recently built home on site of the
original home built in the late 1800's

John Piper's image has been etched along with text in glass to be placed on the desk he used over 100 years ago. It is now on display at
Piper's Opera House in
Virginia City, Nevada

Table top etched to commemorate the 50th year of the Storey County Jeep Posse Search and Rescue organization.

Small table approximately 28 inches tall. The Nevada State Seal has been etched on the underside of 12 inch round glass top. The glass below measures 5" by 5" and can be personalized with etching of your choice.

This table was etched at the request of the owner of the Virginia City Coffee House for use in their business.

We now offer custom etched desk-tops. This one measures six feet across by 42 inches deep and is one half inch thick with a polished "pencil edge". Featured in the center is a Fire Chief's shield, and the border has decorative corners like those on a fire engine.

Coffee Table glass reverse etched with wildlife scene.

Desktop glass etched for County Manager's desk in the Storey County Courthouse. Nevada State Seal and eagle were incorporated in this design.

1/2in Jade glass table top etched with Nevada State Seal. Glass is 24in round. Table is about 27in tall.

Detailed closeup of Nevada State Seal etched into a 24in round Jade glass piece for table top.


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