Etched Metal
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made in nevada



Given to him as a Birthday gift by his 4-H Family. This custom etched graniteware pot features Abel's image and the words "soup" and "stew" in his native Basque language. They say he makes the most delicious soups and stews.

Each member of the Pershing
County Sportsman Association attending
this annual event will receive one of
these custom etched 4 oz.

This flask now available at the Silver State National Peace Officers Museum located in Virginia City. It is located in the old jail. For more information go to

Owner of this side by side Coachgun requested his name and year be etched on the metal. We also etch duty weapons

"People's Choice"
trophy for the
2013 Chili-Cook-Off
in Virginia City
was an etched graniteware
stock pot!

New items...
We now have 1 gallon and 1/2 gallon stainless flasks. Great gifts when custom etched for a special occasion. What would you like etched on yours?

The Realtor chose a gold pan, complete with "gold" nuggets and an etching of the historic building, as a gift for the new owners of the Gold Canyon Steakhouse.

We received this photograph of the two boys to be etched on a travel mug in time for a Father's Day gift.

Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mug. Keeps coffee hot but the cup stays cool. 4in. tall and holds 10oz.

This flask was custom etched for Hawker Bill Rash of Sonoma County's Sam Brannan chapter of the ECV

Something new for your shot glass collection, etched Stainless Steel.

ECV Sam Brannan chapter 1004 Special Edition stag handle knife with custom etched image on blade


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