Ornaments & Suncatchers
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made in nevada



A great gift idea for Grandparents. Just e-mail your photo to us and we'll etch an ornament from it.

We now offer photos of your pets etched on glass. Call for details.

Choose from round, oval, diamond, heart, star, tear drop, or even some shaped like a tree or a house. Order them for your family get togethers or club events.

"Chili on the Comstock" Cinco de Mayo Ornaments available at the VC Chamber of Commerce Booth during this event May 5th in Virginia City.

The Historic 4th Ward School located in Virginia City, Nevada

If you happened to attend the Mt. Oyster Fry in Virginia City on St. Patrick's Day, but failed to get the official souvenir, here's your chance.
E-mail or call us.

This ornament/suncatcher was designed to commemorate the Virginia City Camel Races, an annual event since 1959.

Collect all of the Nevada ornaments. This "tree" is on display at the Assembly Building in Las Vegas.

Show your support of the V&T project. Let's get that train to Virginia City!

Several designs to choose from in stock. Christmas on the Comstock, Nevada, V&T, Camel Races, Virginia City and more.

Show your Nevada pride or give them as a gift to someone new to the state. Great all year round as suncatchers.

Two State agencies who have done a lot for Botcha-Caloops. They help promote "Made In Nevada" businesses, and for this we thank them.


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