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made in nevada



When offering hot or cold beverages to your clients, serve them in drinkware custom etched with your company's logo.
Coasters also available.

David John of the Comstock Cowboys is featured on this cobalt blue pub glass. They also come in clear.

The Cobb Mansion along with the owner's 1926 Cadillac has been etched on stemware to be used by their guests. For information about this Bed & Breakfast, visit their website

Wine glasses etched with your dinner guests' names can be used in lieu of
place cards. Many styles of glassware are available for any occasion.

When the guests of the "Behind Iron Doors" tour sat down to dinner these glasses were part of the table setting.

Piper's Opera House is featured on these pieces and when you purchase them you are helping to restore this 1876 building. For a list of upcoming events call (775) 847-0433.

We can etch your company's logo on the glassware of your choice. Include it in a holiday basket to your clients this season.

Virginia City is celebrating it's 150th birthday! These glasses are available at the Mark Twain Book Store and the Virginia City Visitor's Center.

Comstock Cowboys beer mugs sold at the Bucket of Blood Saloon or by emailing Dien at

This beer set design was created for a special gift for special friends.

This department's shoulder patch was the inspiration for the design.

The same design was modified to etch on wine glasses.


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