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made in nevada



Cobalt blue pub glass with Nevada outline and Legislature building etched to commemorate the 75th Legislative session 2009.

This design was etched for the Tahoe House Hotel in Virginia City. If you really want to step back in time, this is the place to stay. For reservations call (775)847-5264.

For information on how to obtain a set of these glasses contact Deputy Jim McNeill or Sgt. Mike Wright through the Washoe County Sheriff's Office.

A special gift from a Grandson who requested we include his Grandfather's love of bowhunting in the design.

Our client requested 4 cobalt blue glasses be etched with a custom design appropriate for a Judge.

Jade (or black) glass shot glasses are now available with the etching of your choice and optional color fill.

Beer Pitcher and 6 glass sets etched with a logo or family name make a nice gift.

A recent special order item created at the request of a State Assemblyman to be given out during the 74th Legislature.

This was a Christmas gift to someone that has had a lot of patience with us and our website.

Have your family name etched in a crest design for your home bar.

Let us etch your club or organization's name or logo onto glassware of your choice.

Have us etch your "trophies" for any event or occasion. Functional as well as attractive.


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