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(botch-a-ca-loop) n. Italian Slang. Definition:
 Can be used to denote a "character" or a "loved one", A term of endearment, often used by grandparents when talking to their grandchildren.

Was also used by Sophia on the TV series The Golden Girls. "...Picture it, Italy, 1948, this Botcha-Caloop...."

 Linda Larson, being of Italian descent, (her grandparents were from Murialdo and Genoa) was brought up as a "Botcha-Caloop", as was her son, Jason. She now calls his children her "Little Botcha-Caloops".  When she and her husband, Bruce, decided to start a business of sandcarving humorous sayings on garden stones, "Botcha-Caloop's" was the obvious choice. Anyone who knows Bruce and Linda Larson will agree they are both "Characters".

Those of you who have been in Virginia City during the many parades will recognize the "Botcha-Caloop's Mobile" which gets decorated to match the theme of the parade it's in. It usually carries the whole Botcha-Caloops extended family and at times that can be up to 25 people in the back. It has been snowed on during the Easter Parade with everybody bundled up, and been so hot during 4th of July that they furnished hand held fans to everyone. They always manage to have fun as you can see by these pictures. From the Easter Bunny to a bubble blowing Rodeo Clown or even Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer during the Christmas on the Comstock parade of lights. Botcha-Caloops love a parade!

The most recent parade decorations were to help celebrate the 150th year since the discovery of gold and silver in Virginia City. Our truck became "Maynard the Miner" complete with miner's helmet and mustache...